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Via Dallio G.B. 22/24
38030 Capriana (Tn)
Tel. 0462 816081
Fax 0462 816086
P.iva 01399010220


Welcome to Hotel Dolomiti in Capriana

Hotel Dolomiti is located in the centre of Capriana (1000 m), in the lovely Fiemme Valley.
Surrounded by green meadows, the village lies on the border to the "Monte Corno" natural Park.
Many trekking trails for hiking experts and for those who just want to go on leisure walks and biking tracks for mountain bikers who cross the parks rich pine forest and the beautifullarch grove "Monte Gua" (one of the most precious in Europe).
The famous European hiking trail E5 and the ltalian trekking trail cut through the park.
The mountain restaurant "Corno" and refreshment area on top can be easily reached.
In the peaceful forests with its large variety of mushrooms and wild animals visitors can find a complete relaxation.

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